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The Live Green Co

September 2019
The Live Green Co: Technology for a healthy diet 

Priyanka Srinivas and Sasikanth Chemalamudi are the founders of The Live Green Co (TLGC), a company that uses artificial intelligence to make healthy, 100% plant-based, environmentally friendly food. They came from India to start their business venture in Chile because it is a country with stable political and economic conditions and has free trade agreements with over 60 countries. 

Srinivas noted that, “There is also significant support for foreign entrepreneurs through the Start Up Chile program. Plus InvestChile, which facilitates the work of investors, and ProChile, which helps us present our products outside Chile. We hope that Chile will serve as a platform for us to expand to other countries in the region.”  

With its team of engineers and biotechnologists, the company created a software program called Charaka, which has a database of around 1,000 plants and their properties, and provides recommendations for replacing preservatives and chemical additives with 100% plant-based ingredients. The company currently develops products such as hamburgers, pancake mix and ice cream in its factory located in Chile’s O’Higgins Region.  

At the e-seminar held by InvestChile in November 2020, Priyanka Srinivas announced that the company will start marketing its products in other Latin American countries. In this meeting, she noted that, “It was easy for us to expand our business after starting in Chile. Next month, we will begin sales in Peru and the United States.” They are now operating in both these countries and are getting ready to launch their products in Mexico.  


Company: The Live Green Co
Investment Country: India
Area/Activity: Food Industry
Investment amount:
Location: Rancagua
Employees: 10