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December 2018
Huawei: Data from Chile to Latin America 

The Chinese company Huawei is the global market leader in infrastructure for information and communication technologies (ICTs) and smart devices, with headquarters in the city of Shenzhen.  Solutions, products and services that it offers are used by more than 3 billion people in over 170 countries with more than 194,000 people employed around the world.   

In 2019, after studying other markets like Brazil and Argentina, Huawei announced Chile as its choice for building its first Latin American data center destined to be home base for the entire region with an initial cost of US$100 million.   

The general manager for Huawei Chile, Dou Yong, explained that the company saw great potential for Chile to become a technology hub, emphasizing that “it is the most developed country in the region and it is very open.”   

“The business environmentas well as the physical conditions for the construction of the data center in Chile, is good.  We have compared it to neighboring countries, in fact with all of the countries in South America.  Based on our evolution, Chile is the best in the entire region,” Dou Yong pointed out. 

In September 2020, the Chinese company’s commitment to Chile became even stronger when it announced the opening of its second data center and public cloud that would include artificial intelligence (AI) and big data services in Chile.  

“This will bring many benefits to our users.  It will help us offer greater security in case of catastrophies and will also allow for Chile to prepare for future technological challenges,” assured the president of Huawei Cloud and AI Chile, Jason Jin.  


Company: Huawei
Investment Country: China
Area/Activity: Global Services
Investment amount: US$80 million
Location: Santiago