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Ascenty: Digital infrastructure for Latin America 

Ascenty is Latin America’s largest data center infrastructure provider, with 22 units in operation or under construction in Brazil, Mexico and Chile. Established in 2010 in Brazil, the company was acquired by the U.S. firm Digital Realty in 2018 for US$ 1.8 billion.   

After working with InvestChile for two years, the company announced plans in June 2019 to build their first data center in Chile. With an estimated investment of US$ 70 million,  the data center has a total area of 6,000  and 11 megawatts (MW) in total power. Chris Torto, the CEO of Ascenty, says that their arrival in Chile is an important milestone for the company because he believes that the country “is positioned to emerge as a leading technology hub in the region.”  

It did not take long for operations in Chile to expand further, and by mid-2020 a second center was already underway. This center is even larger – 21,000 square meters with 3megawatts (MW) in total powerand will begin operations in the fourth quarter of this year. Total investment for construction of the two centers is US$ 220 million. 

In late 2020, the Vice-President of Projects for Ascenty Chile, Felipe Caballero, made an announcement at the InvestChile Annual Forum that the company has further plans in the country “to be able to expand not only with a second, but also and probably in the near future— a third data center. 


Company: Ascenty
Investment Country: Brazil/United States
Area/Activity: Global Services
Investment amount: US$ 220 million
Location: Santiago
Employees: 80