Chile: Re-Boost of Investment & New Business Opportunities


What are the challenges for the global economy in the post-pandemic world?

Without a doubt, the Economic Reset brings with it a new perspective on how we think about the future and do business. Today, more than ever, innovative entrepreneurship and sustainable foreign investment are key for the reactivation of local economies. Chile, as a key Latin American foreign investment hub, is committed to strengthening this path.

We would like to invite you to discuss and rethink the future.
e-Dialogue: Chilean Minister of Economy, Economic Development & Tourism, Lucas Palacios
The general post-pandemic outlook and measures to re-boost investment.
e-Dialogue: Director of InvestChile (Ag.), Juan Araya.
Innovative and sustainable foreign investment as the driver of Chile’s post-Covid-19 reactivation. New investment opportunities.
e-Interview: Felipe Caballero, Vice-President of Projects, Engineering and Construction, Ascenty.
Chile as a Latin American digital hub. Ascenty’s plans in Chile.
e-Interview: Nils Grobet, Head of Green Hydrogen Development, Engie.
Chile: Leader and pioneer in the development of green hydrogen. Engie’s plans in the country for the development of the “fuel of the future”.
Keynote e-Dialogue: Jeffrey Sachs, Economist, Professor & Director of the Center for sustainable Development - Columbia University

Green Investment & the New Global Economy. Professor Sachs, one of the world’s leading economists, will talk about the global economic outlook and the post-pandemic role of sustainability.
Launch of the Job Talent Fair for the Technology Sector
In this new event, Chilean and overseas companies will be seeking young talent in programming and for the technology sector in general.
Keynote e-Talk: Leticia Gasca, Co-chair of the Education and Employment Steering Committee of the Global Shapers Community - World Economic Forum (WEF)
How can we Prepare for the Evolution of Work?The Mexican expert will talk about strategies for preparing ourselves for the new work and economic environment.
e-Panel I: Chile: Ed-Tech and Digital Talent as an Asset for Attracting Investment and New Businesses.

We talk with the protagonists of digital talent in Chile.
- Digital Talent Programme, Graduate, Leslie Herrera.
- Kodea Foundation, Executive Director, Mónica Retamal.
- Equifax - Santiago Development Center, Director, Gustavo Rivera.
- UN Women- Chile, Coordinator, María Inés Salamanca.
e-Panel II: Chile, from Traditional to Pioneering: Foodtech and Agritech as Profitable & Eco-friendly Sectors.
The new trends in producing healthy foods with pioneering technology.
- The Live Green (India), founder, Priyanka Srinivas.
- Kilimo (Argentina): Country Manager, Andrea Ramos.
- Done Properly (Chile), CEO & Founder, Eduardo Zavala.
- Protera, CEO & Founder, Leonardo Álvarez.
e-Interview: Bimbo and the development of the food sector in Chile.
The Mexican company talks about its plans in Chile.


What challenges does post-pandemic economic recovery pose? Reactivation and the path to a rebound in investment are challenging issues, both locally and globally. The topics which our guests will analyze include the role that will be played by sustainable investments and the specialization and digitization of workers as well as the introduction of new technologies in different economic sectors. Join the conversation.

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Lucas Palacios
Minister of Economy, Development and Tourism
Jeffrey Sachs
Economist, Professor & Director Center for sustainable Development - Columbia University
Leticia Gasca
Co-chair of the Education and Employment Steering Committee of the Global Shapers Community of the World Economic Forum
María Inés Salamanca
UN Women Chile, Coordinator
Vladimir Glasinovic
Executive Director of Chile's Digital Talent
Mónica Retamal
Kodea, Director
Andrea Ramos
Kilimo, Country Manager
Eduardo Zavala
Done Properly (Chile), CEO, founder
Priyanka Srinivas
The Live Green Co, founder
Leonardo Alvarez
Protera's CEO and Co-founder
Leslie Herrera
Graduated from the Digital Talent program
Gustavo Rivera
Santiago Development Center, Director - Equifax


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