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Chile: A partner for your investment

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We are worldwide leaders in mining. We have the best location and experience to be your strategic partners in innovation projects by adding value to the global mining industry.

Location. When it comes to metals, Chile has got it: 29% of the world’s copper reserves, 16% of the molybdenum reserves, 15% of the silver reserves, 7% of gold and 54% of the world’s lithium reserves.

Experience. Chile is a mature, transparent and stable market. It is highly technological and harbours specialized human capital that can facilitate the development of a cluster of suppliers that meets world-class standards.

The largest mining companies in the world operate in our country and the investment forecasts are for more than US$ 50 billion over the next seven years.

Vision of the future. Today we are promoting forward-looking, integrated and sustainable mining.

We are committed to increasing productivity and sustainability based on innovation and collaboration between mining companies and their suppliers.

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Christoff Janse

Investment Promotion Executive



By setting up operations in Chile, your company will operate inside a market that also has the sector’s global players. You will benefit by having:

  • Access to a mature and competitive local market.
  • The possibility of expanding your sales by optimizing the goods and supply logistics services to your customers.



Chile: a partner for your investment