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We have the talent and the technology to promote your company’s services to the world. We do it in one of the most recognized entrepreneurial environments on the globe and with competitive costs.
Chile, the place for project development … the hub for attracting talent in Latin America.

Talent. We are the leaders of OECD’s PISA educational ranking in Latin America. The country has 15 universities within the top 50 in the region.

We are a hub that attracts talent. We have a “Visa Tech” and other special conditions for the entry of professionals and human capital relevant to the industry.

Since 2010, Start-Up Chile has attracted professionals and entrepreneurs from over 1,400 startups from 79 countries.

Platform. More than 60 multinational companies choose Chile as a hub for exporting services to their customers around the world. We are globally integrated, having high standard of connectivity and advanced technological infrastructure available throughout the country.

Valparaíso, Temuco and Concepción are virtuous ecosystems, which join Santiago as potential locations for setting up global service companies.

Projection. The global services industry in Chile crosses BPO, KPO, IT, IoT, cloud computing and data centre.

We ranked first in Latin America according to the WEF Networked Readiness Index and we are the 9th most attractive country with regards to global services business location, according to the AT Kearney 2016 ranking.

We have an innovative and globally recognized entrepreneurial ecosystem.

We consolidated a steady growth in global services exports, reaching US $ 3 billion in 2015. We plan to reach US$ 5 billion by 2020.

The growth rate of the sector is around 11%, which is 2% above global average.


Your local contact

Juan Pablo Gárnica

Investment Promotion Executive



Setup your operation in Chile, obtain competitive advantages in:

Double taxation agreements and international treaties allow you to benefit from lower taxes and tariffs with more than 86% of global GDP and 63% of the global population.

Being in a relevant time zone that facilitates the generation of business and services in real-time with the USA.

Incentives for the development of business related to high-value-adding remote services. Take advantage of the comparative benefits of Chile as a Latin American platform for the export of talent and knowledge.


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