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We are the government agency responsible for promoting Chile in the global market as a destination for foreign direct investment, serving as a bridge between the interests of overseas investors and the business opportunities the country offers and providing world-class services that are in line with the country’s economic development policies.

We implement all types of initiatives whose purpose is to publicize, promote, coordinate and implement actions that seek to foster the entry of foreign direct investment (FDI) into Chile.

We provide general information about Chile, its economic and social environment, its legal framework and its policies on foreign investment, offering specific information about how to start a business as well as the procedures and regulation with which all investors must comply in order to bring FDI into the country.

We publish regular reports about Chile’s business climate as well as about specific investment opportunities in both public and private projects.


Highlights to share

> Awarded ‘The Best Investment Promotion Agency in South America’ 2 years in a row! (Best to Invest Report 2019; 2020 – Site Selection). Also recognized as ‘The Best Promotion Agency of the Year 2019’ (International Business Magazine)

> We are a multicultural agency! Dedicated Professionals from eight nationalities who speak nine different languages are waiting for you. (Spanish, Chinese, Italian, English, German, French, Afrikaans, Portuguese & Japanese)

> We take girl power seriously! Women account for 54% of the InvestChile team; more than half of them (53%) perform as coordinators or team leaders.

> Our current project portfolio reaches 413 projects, with a declared investment valued of US $ 17.7 billion and around 15,000 potential jobs. In 2019, the portfolio grew by 139 initiatives, which means an increase of 50% compared to 2018.

> We are restless! Our team carried out 165 international activities in 2019. More than 1.047 press articles were published by the local & international media, valued at US$ 11.5 million & reaching 1.246 million readers. (2018: 109 activities; 630 press articles; valued at US$ 5M & 570M readers)

> Ours was proudly recognized as ‘The Best Website’ – Government Standard of Excellence Award (Web Marketing Association- WMA 2017).

"Chile offers investors opportunities in high added-value sectors"

Juan Araya Allende

Director of InvestChile


Ian Frederick

Head of the Investment Promotion Division
(56-2) 2663 9200


Beatriz Herrera

International Network Coordinator and Investment Promotion Executive - Venture Capital
(56-2) 2663 9200


Vicente Pinto

Investment Commissioner Japan - Asia


Salvatore Di Giovanni

Head of Investment Promotion Team
(56 2) 2663 9200


Vanessa Séverin

Coordinator Investor Relations
(56-2) 2663 9200


Christoff Janse

Investment Promotion Executive - Mining
(56-2) 2663 9200


Jorge Yáñez

Investment Promotion Executive - Energy
(56-2) 2663 9200


Alicia Zhu

Investment Promotion Executive - China
(56-2) 2663 9200


Juan Pablo Garnica

Investment Promotion Executive - Global Services
(56-2) 2663 9200


Cristián Sagal

Investment Promotion Executive - Food Industry
(56-2) 2663 9200


Catalina Pérez

Investment Promotion Executive - Tourism
(56-2) 2663 9200


How We Can Help You


• FDI statistics, business opportunity facts & figures, market & sectorial highlights, legal & tax information, reports & studies.


• Investor delegations, B2B meetings, investment roadshows, conferences & workshops.


• Expert sector managers, contact with key players, site visits, goverment programs & incentives, public-private portfolios & public tenders.


• Ongoing assitance for landing & expansion (aftercare), specialized advisory, policy advocacy



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